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Our Services

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Once determined that a tree needs to be removed, Carolina Tree Care can provide full-service tree removal, stump grinding and clean up.   With minimal damage to the surrounding trees and landscape, we can carefully remove any size tree.   Proposals usually include take-down, clean up and haul off services are part of the job.   At Carolina Tree Care, we take safety of our team and your home very important, we are trained professionals and full insured.  


Sometimes trees don’t need to come down but as trees grow they naturally lean towards a light source and will need to be limbed up. 

  Even if this growth is natural, it can add stress to the tree’s trunk and root systems which will eventually cause it to lean or be dangerous.   If it is not thinned or pruned properly, the tree becomes more vulnerable to disease or storm damage. Limbs can begin to impede your driveway, sidewalk or rubbing your roof or just general overgrowth for the health of the tree, they will need to be trimmed.   You won’t recognize your yard or home after a professional trimming job by our crews. 

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Even small trees need to be pruned to keep them healthy and growing in the right direction.  Most pruning services are seasonal timed with the growth and blooming of the tree in mind.  These might seem small but can be a big job, let us handle for you. 


Whether you have a stump in a current project or one left from years ago,   we can grind those down to the level of your yard enabling you to plant or maintain your yard as if it was never there.    Stump grinding is a cost-effective solution as it mulches the existing tree roots several inches below the surface hiding it as it naturally decays.   Trying to dig out a stump can get very expensive as you don’t know how deep the base of the tree goes or how wide spread the roots go.  

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Mulch not only adds to the curb appeal of your home but helps to reduce soil erosion, retains moisture and coolness for your plants in the spring and summer as well as keep them warm as the weather dips in the fall and winter.    Mulch also improves your soil composition as it decomposes.   


Screened top soil is soil that has gone through a screening process to remove debris and create a more consistent texture.   It is nutrient rich containing natural organic matter from leave, grasses and tree bark that can help further sustain plant life.  



Preserving your forest and helping your trees to grow stronger and healthier while preserving the topsoil and nutrients back into the soil.  Our machines are especially designed for this work to minimize ground pressure, mulch the debris and not to damage existing trees.  


As trees and vegetation grows near power lines, it needs to be reduced to prevent outages and fires.  Our crews are specially trained to trim or remove trees and vegetation near power lines.  

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Whether for your dream home or a commercial project, we can handle your land clearing and leveling needs.  


We have the equipment and the crews available to take down that building as well as large trucks to make removal and clean up easy.   Start over with a clean slate and let us take care of that demo.  

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